Santana - Amigos Vinyl - 180g Audiophile / Limited Anniversary Edition
M SAN-VIN-1011
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In the late seventies and beyond, Carlos Santana would take the band to the top of all the popular music charts as the 1976 fusion classic Amigos would go on to yield a plethora of hit tracks at all formats of radio. Exotic and one of the classic rocker’s more adventurous efforts, this seven track masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit singles like "Let It Shine," the massive radio hit "Dance Sister Dance" and of course the stellar instrumental all time classic "Europa.”

As one of the most enduring albums in their massive career catalog, Amigos included some significant album tracks too like the rocking masterpiece Let Me and the powerful Gitano, which features the legendary funk and soul percussion of Armando Peraza. More deep funk and fusion follow with tunes like Take Me With You which also features Carlos’ stunning lead guitar work, plus his long-time associates Tom Coster on keyboards, David Brown on bass, Leon Ndugu Chancler on drums, and newest member Greg Walker with his stellar vocals which helped carry the band back into gold and platinum territory with this wonderful album. All in all, this is a collection of songs which took the fans by storm and remains a must have in the Santana catalog.


Track Listing:

Side 1:

Dance Sister Dance

Take Me with You

Let Me


Side 2:


Tell Me Are You Tired

Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)

Let It Shine

Santana - Amigos Vinyl