Santana In Session Songbook
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Santana In Session Songbook

The soft cover 76-page book includes transcriptions (with tablature) to six Santana tracks with a distinct appeal to guitarists. Following each transciption in the book is a multi-page explanation of the previous tune and guitar solo. Each annotation includes practice tips, insight into what Carlos Santana was thinking when we played the solo, and much more. Guitarists will find these descriptions to be extremely helpful, and even inspiring.
The accompanying CD is just as impressive as the book. Each of the songs featured in the book are presented on the CD in many formats. While the songs on the disc are vocal-less recreations of the original tunes (undoubtedly for copyright reasons), they are note-for-note reproductions of the authentic Santana recordings. All six songs from "In Session with Carlos Santana" are presented in four formats each on the CD:
Normal speed with guitar
Normal speed without guitar
Slow speed with guitar