Santana - Shaman CD
M SAN CD 116
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Track Listing:

1. Adouma
2. Nothing At All (featuring Musiq)
3. The Game Of Love (featuring Michelle Branch)
4. You Are My Kind (featuring Seal)
5. Amoré (Sexo) (featuring Macy Gray)
6. Foo Foo
7. Victory Is Won
8. Since Supernatural (featuring Melkie Jean & Govner Washington)
9. America (featuring P.O.D.)
10. Sideways (featuring Citizen Cope)
11. Why Don't You & I (featuring Chad Kroeger)
12. Feels Like Fire (featuring Dido)
13. Aye Aye Aye
14. Hoy Es Adios (featuring Alejandro Lerner)
15. One Of These Days (featuring Ozomatli)
16. Novus (featuring Placido Domingo)